tulisan inus

Or better known as INUS, is a Telecommunications company and IT Solutions as its main business.

INUS as one of the leading and experienced Telecommunication and IT Solution companies in Indonesia, has carried out various projects.

INUS dedicates itself to providing better solutions and cultivating innovative service quality to clients. Now INUS is known as a company that prioritizes service, is highly dedicated and full of responsibility, especially for Korean companies.

Currently supported by ± 45 reliable technicians, in sustaining the growth of resources to address customer demand. In maintaining team professionalism, we divide it into several divisions, such as network planning and implementation. Selected from qualified candidates, they are previously trained before being placed into the right position. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we regularly conduct team work audits. This task is carried out by a senior engineer in the quality audit division, who is independent within the operational department.

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